At your school

Meet a pro

ages 8 18
At school - 1 x 60 minutes - €80 per group

One of our musicians visits your class to tell your students about his or her job. What is it like to play in the Residentie Orkest as a professional musician? Students will get a short demonstration of the musician’s instrument and the musician will take them through the other orchestra instruments. The students can ask questions, for example about what a professional musician’s workweek looks like.

If desired, the workshop for older students (15-18) can be aimed at a specific subject within music, such as a stylistic period or a composition technique.

Combine workshops!

It is possible to combine the workshop with other educational activities. This enables you to provide consecutive activities for one or more age groups (years) in the school.

"The Children have had a wonderful time listening to the fantastic musicians and learning about the wider context in which the music has been played and composed. "


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