Come visit us in Amare

Go R.O. XL

ages 8 18
Amare - 1 x 2,5 hours - €275 per group

An interactive visit by one or more of your groups to the Residentie Orkest. The morning begins with an introduction by a musician from the orchestra. Next, the students visit a rehearsal of the orchestra. They will be able to see the instruments up close and get a unique insight into how an orchestra rehearsal works. Afterwards the students discuss what they have seen and heard. Was there something that caught their attention? In the last part of Go R.O. XL, the students themselves get to play on several different instruments in three short workshops: a string instrument, a woodwind instrument, a brass instrument and/or percussion. After the workshop, the students have more insight into how an orchestra works and they have experienced for themselves what it is like to play different kinds of instruments.

Combine workshops!

It is possible to combine the workshop with other educational activities. This enables you to provide consecutive activities for one or more age groups (years) in the school.

"The teachers who helped us in our workshops were really nice and they explained everything. I really like music and these workshops helped us find our talents through instruments! I was upset that the day was over and we should have more trips like this."


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